For information on the Crop Protection products we carry, please visit our Sales Representatives at Yorkton Distributors or call 306-782-2645.
Pest Control Products are to be used in accordance with the directions on the label.

Yorkton Distributors is a provider of agricultural products for today's farm business

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Yorkton SK  S3N 3N5

Tel 306.782.2645  |  Fax 306.786.6163


2,4 D Amine 600 (NuFarm)

2,4 D Ester 700 (NuFarm)

Ares (BASF)

Assert 300 SC (NuFarm)

Assure II (DuPont)

Attain XC (Dow AgroSciences)

Authority 480 (FMC)

Authority Charge (FMC)

Avadex Micro Active (Gowan)

Axial BIA (Syngenta)

Axial Xtreme (Syngenta)

Barricade II (DuPont)

Basagran Forte (BASF)

Blackhawk (NuFarm)

Broadband (Syngenta)

Buctril M (Bayer)

Calmix (Nufarm)

Centurion / Amigo (Bayer)

Cirpreme (Dow AgroSciences)

Command (FMC)​​

Curtail M (NuFarm)

Distinct (BASF)

Eclipse III (Dow AgroSciences)

Edge Granular (Gowan)

Everest 2.0 (Arysta)

Express Pro (FMC)

Express SG (FMC)​

Focus (FMC of Canada)

Fortress (Gowan)

Frontline XL (Dow AgroSciences)

Grazon XC (Dow AgroSciences)

Heat LQ (BASF)

Horizon NG (Syngenta)

Inferno Duo (Arysta)

Infinity FX (Bayer)

Liberty 150 (Bayer)

Liquid Achieve (Dow AgroSciences)

Lontrel 360 (Dow AgroSciences)
MCPA Ester 600 (NuFarm)
OcTTain XL (Dow AgroSciences)

Odyssey Ultra (BASF)


Paradigm (Dow AgroSciences)

Pardner (Bayer)

Pixxaro (Dow AgroSciences)

Poast Ultra (BASF)

Precision Pac (DuPont)

PrePass Flex (Dow AgroSciences)

PrePass XC (Dow AgroSciences)

Prestige XC (Dow AgroSciences)

Puma Advance (Bayer)

Perimeter II (DuPont)

Refine SG (DuPont)

Reglone Ion (Syngenta)

Restore II (Dow AgroSciences)

Rexade (Dow AgroSciences)

Rival EC (NuFarm)

Roundup Transorb HC (Monsanto)

Roundup Weathermax (Monsanto)

RT 540 (Monsanto)

Salute (Dow AgroSciences)​

Sierra 2.0 (Syngenta)

Simplicity (Dow AgroSciences)

Simplicity GoDri (Dow AgroSciences)

Solo (BASF)

Steller XL (Dow AgroSciences)

Tandem (Dow AgroSciences)

Travallas (DuPont)

Traxion (Syngenta)

Traxos (Syngenta)​

Tundra (Bayer)

VP480 (Dow AgroSciences)

Varro (Bayer)

Velocity m3 (Bayer)

Viper Adv (BASF)