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All Clear Tank Cleaner

ALL CLEAR® is a unique, ammonia-free spray tank decontaminator utilizing a dual mode of action. No pesticide is too sticky or too difficult for ALL CLEAR.

Ammonium Sulphate

Bayer CropScience is supplying its own proprietary liquid spray grade Ammonium Sulphate (AMS) to the western Canadian crop protection market. This product is being sold as a utility modifier for use with Infinity and Tundra herbicides.

Casoron 4G 22.7kg

For complete weed control around trees, nurseries, orchards and wind breaks and required bare ground sites. Casoron delivers high value weed control in a convenient granular application. The unique granular herbicide forms a vapour barrier in soil. Safe to certain trees and shrubs in golf courses and around farm yards.

Fighter F

Fighter F is an anti foaming agent that is used in pesticide and fertilizer mixtures applied with a hydraulic sprayer. Add Fighter F to the spray mixture as it is agitated to limit production of foam.

Finish Tank Cleaner

FINISH is a cleaning agent that can be used for cleaning all pesticides from commercial sprayers. FINISH is recommended by manufacturers for  VELOCITY M3®,  REFINE® EXTRA, ALLY®, MUSTER®, EXPRESS® PACK, FRONTLINE™, SIMPLICITY®,SPECTRUM™, FRONTLINE 2,4-D. As some pesticides have specific cleanout recommendations, always refer to the product label for cleaning instructions.

Halt Anti-Foaming Agent

Halt is an anti-foaming agent that prevents foam production during mixing...

Klenz R Tank Cleaner

3-way ammonia based tank cleaner - reduces the chances of cross contamination.


A blended surfactant designed for use with a wide range of herbicides.

  • As a surfactant, Merge® is a key requirement of great weed control.

  • Merge is now a separate and distinct product, helping reduce the amount of leftover surfactant in need of disposal and improving environmental stewardship.
  • More flexibility, because you’ll only purchase what you use.
  • Less on-farm surfactant storage.
  • Fewer post-season returns to your retailer.


Par III is a broad-spectrum herbicide specially formulated to control hard-to-kill annual and perennial weeds in turfgrass. Par III is ideal for golf courses, parks, lawns, sports fields and other turf applications where weeds cause aesthetic and durability problems. Used in a twice-yearly maintenance program, Par III keeps turfgrass free of tough problem weeds such as dandelion, poison ivy, clovers and ground ivy.       

pHix Water Conditioner

pHix is a water conditioner formulated with a stabilized Sulfur.
It creates an ideal environment in the spaying tank for maximum herbicide efficacy by reducing water hardness to levels below 50 ppm.
pHix has also an acidic nature that allows lowering the pH of the spray solution to 2.5-3.5.

Protect It

Protect-It® is developed to protect stored products from insects. It is a grain protectant containing a naturally occuring mineral called diatomaceous earth (DE) and another ingredient that enhances the ability of DE to control insects. Protect-It® uses a physical, not chemical, mode of action. It controls insect infestations by absorbing the protective waxy outer layer of the insect, resulting in dehydration.

Trekker Trax

TREKKER TRAX is a foam marker, with a unique blend of ingredients for producing a thick long-lasting foam. It has been formulated to work over a wide range of water hardness, mineral content and impurities.

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