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Seed Treatments

Apron Maxx RTA (Syngenta)

Cruiser Vibrance Maxx Vibrance Bean (Syngenta)

Cruiser Vibrance (Syngenta)

Insure Cereal (BASF)

Insure Pulse (BASF)​

Rancona Trio (Arysta)

Raxil Pro (Bayer)

Raxil Pro Shield (Bayer)

Trilex EverGol (Bayer)

Vibrance Maxx with Intego (Syngenta)

Vibrance Quattro (Syngenta)

Vibrance Maxx RFC (Syngenta)

Vitaflo 280 (Arysta)

Benefits of some seed treatments include protecting the seed from seed-borne and soil-borne diseases:

  •    Blunt

  •    Root Rot

  •    Seedling blight

  •    Smut

Protecting the seed from insect damage:

  •    Wireworms

Improved seedling vigour:

  •   Earlier emergence
  •   A more even emergence
  •   Better developed root systems

Better tolerance to:

  •    Frost
  •    Drought
  •    Flooding

Potential for increased yield

Always wear personal protective equipment when handling seed treatments or treated seed.

Always follow Manufacturer's recommendations for the best application method.